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Women Leadership Forum  – 31st January 2018at 5:00 pm  

Bird&Bird welcomes IWF Finland women to join their evening of women networking. In the event we will hear thoughts from Arman Alizad, Julianne Borsos and Ulla Nord -all benefactors in their own field.

Venue Kämp Peilisali.

Please notice, the presentations are in Finnish.


Dine-Around  – 1st of February 2018  at 5:30 pm

In February we will hold our first IWF Finland Dine-Around, which is to say our version of ‘IWF Dine Arounds’ or ‘Small Dinners’ as these exceedingly popular member-dinners are known by the IWF chapters around the world. The idea is to gather together to break bread at a restaurant or in a member’s home in groups of 6-10 people with the simple idea of getting to know each other better and allow for sharing of thoughts and ideas in a more intimate setting. The first dinner will be hosted by the President of IWF Finland, Kirsi Vine.

Please notice that this event is only for members.


More interesting events will follow!




How to perform at your best by Ben Nothnagel, 16th January 2018 

Following from Ben’s incredibly insightful springtime session, we are happy to provide You with a long-awaited sequel. Applying the tools of neuropsychology, we explore how to perform at our best under pressure.

Venue US Embassy, Itäinen Puistotie 14 A, Helsinki


IWF Christmas Drinks at the Danish Residence,  12th December 

In December we will enjoy each others’ company at the wonderful ambassadorial residence of Denmark, and raise a toast to Finland’s 100 years along with our dear hostess, the Ambassador of Denmark, Jette Nordam. Further details on this to follow.
Venue Yrjönkatu 9 A, 4th floor, Helsinki.
Please notice that this event is only for members.


Peace of mind with Leena Pennanen, 15th November (5-9pm)

In November, we look forward to a life-balance enhancing session on Mindfulness held by the pioneer of the field in Finland, Leena Pennanen. With Leena’s expert advice we will strive for greater focus and presence in the important moments of our lives. For more information on the topic please see https://mindfulness.fi/.
The session fee for members is 60 euros, for non-members 85 euros. Venue will be in Helsinki, the address is to be confirmed later.


Three stories of Success, 1st November (5.30-7.30pm)
In this rare event, we will get inspired by three different accounts of ladies making their luck and helping others: Marianne Vikkula, the CEO of SLUSH will share her views on how modern technology can assist in seeking success in different areas of business.Following this, Investment Director Titta Elomaa of Garantia will share her pearls of wisdom on succesful investment strategies. Finally, we will learn the story of Ulrika Björkstam whose success is a triumph over tragedy: Ulrika suffered serious burns as she was nearly hit by a crashing plane in Mexico City. She will share her story of recovery, which is one of hope and resolve.
During the evening we also get to enjoy champagne and gourmet vegetarian tidbits by one of our favourite chefs, Richard McCormick.
Venue Taaleri, Kluuvikatu 3. This event is free of charge for our members.


Behind the scenes at the Helsinki City Theatre, 2nd October (4-5pm)

Join us at our next exciting event held at the Helsinki City Theatre, which has been brought back to its full glory with a recently finished renovation project. This behind the scenes event, hosted by the newly appointed Administrative Director, Helena Reilin, provides us all with an outstanding opportunity to literally peek behind the curtains together with the Theatre Director Kari Arffman as well as the Technical Director Antti Rehtijärvi. You will have ample opportunity to ask your questions on anything and everything you ever wanted to know about theatre work and creative management.
Venue Ensilinja 2, Helsinki. You are welcome to register now. This event is free of charge for our members. 





Please do not hesitate to contact the us by email at finland.iwf@gmail.com with any questions regarding the application process or registration to the events.