Event History


How to perform at your best by Ben Nothnagel – 16th January 2018 

Following from Ben’s incredibly insightful springtime session, we were happy to provide a long-awaited sequel. Applying the tools of neuropsychology, we explored how to perform at our best under pressure.

Danish Embassy’s Christmas reception – 12th December 2017

In the spirit of  ’Finland 100 years, Yhdessä-Tillsammans-Together’ we enjoyed Christmas hygge, gløgg and the Danish Christmas treat “æbleskiver”.

Mindfullness life balance enhancing session with the pioneer of the field Leena Pennanen  – 15th November 2017

With Leena’s expert advice we learned to strive for greater focus and presence in the important moments of our lives.

Three Stories of Success  – 1st November 2017

“Three Stories of Success”women’s night was organized by our sponsor Taaleri Oyj.
In this rare event, we got inspired by three different accounts of ladies making their luck and helping others: Marianne Vikkula, the CEO of SLUSH, Titta Elomaa,  Investment Director  of Garantia and Ulrika Björkstam, who shared her brave and touching story of recovery.

IWF Finland at Marimekko – 29th August 2017

We visited Marimekko, where CEO Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko shared her insight on leadership over a sumptuous breakfast. The event was held at Marimekko House.

Sarah Hurwitz, Michelle Obama’s speechwriter: “On speechwriting and working with the Obamas” – 8th June 2017

Sarah Hurwitz served as a speechwriter at the White House in 2009-2017.  She started as a senior speechwriter for president Barack Obama, but soon became the chief speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama. Hurwitz is behind many widely-acclaimed addresses, including Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The event was held at UPM.

Finland 100 – Helsinki Today – 23rd May 2017

An inspired contemplation on what Deputy Mayor Ritva Viljanen thinks of ‘Helsinki Today’ and how Director of HAM, Maija Tanninen-Mattila, sees the role of art in our lives. We also had the opportunity to enjoy the Finland 100 exhibition ‘Modern Life’. The event was held at Helsinki Art Museum, HAM.

Renewable Energy –A Changing World for Investors and Consumers  – 20th April 2017

Renewable energy is a hot topic. Where the environmental aspects weigh heavily in the scales of decision-making, we are pleased to hear that currently renewable energy is actually also the cheapest way to construct new energy capacity – and increasingly so with technological developments driving this positive trend. Taaleri energy specialists Petri Isotalus and Jenny-Li Holmström explained why and how this change is happening and what it means especially in the field of international investment opportunities. The event was held at Taaleri.

Food for Thought – And a Feast for the Eyes –  21st March 2017

An event geared to do away with unnecessary stress and to promote ‘thinking behaviour’ in the important moments of our lives. Executive coach Ben Nothnagel gave us an introductory tour to the essentials of neuroscience with a peek into how habitual stress effects our performance levels – and crucially advice on how to de-stress and activate the skills required to stay relevant and to excel in a changing world.

The event was held at the Helsinki residence of the Ambassador to Denmark, Jette Nordam with an opportunity to view her vast private art collection and enjoy some Danish culinary treats.